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ups logoUnited Plant Savers announces grant awarded for the market analysis and development of Forest Grown ginseng and Appalachian botanicals to address conservation concerns for sustainable sourcing in the supply chain of wild harvested herbs.

Rutland, Ohio (November, 2016)

Founded in 1994, United Plant Savers has been the leading voice in conservation of At-Risk Native Plants, as our mission states to protect native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada and their native habitat while ensuring an abundant renewable supply of medicinal plants for the future.

United Plant Savers is collaborating with American Herbalists Guild, Mountain Rose Herbs, Appalachian Beginning Forest Farming Coalition Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine and the Herbal Academy to distribute a market survey forthcoming in March of 2017. We are at a crossroads and this is a vital time to engage in an important discussion. Along with our survey we will be doing a video series and educational materials on key topics related to the future of forest botanicals and the Forest Grown program. This project will culminate with a three-day symposium in Morgantown West Virginia, July 12-14th, that will feature a research, herbalists and growers tract. We are currently accepting abstracts for the symposium with a deadline of December 15, 2016. To find out more details for symposium visit www.unitedplantsavers.org.

Conservation through cultivation has been United Plant Savers mantra and we look forward to engaging the broader herb community and most important we seek to support the growers and stewards of forest botanicals as we chart the pathway forward.

"The American Herbalists Guild values the relationship between individual and environmental health and is dedicated to promoting plant sustainability. We look to our friends at United Plants Savers for the most informed dialogue and action on these issues. Native medicinal plants in Appalachia weave a story rich with cultural heritage and healing tradition. Plants that have been used for generations for their medicinal abilities today face modern day challenges in the face of over-harvesting and loss of habitat. We support United Plant Savers in their work to bring these concerns to light by providing the forum, the knowledge and the tools for new relationships with land and herbal accessibility through their dedicated work on Conservation through Cultivation.”

- Mimi Hernandez, Executive Director, American Herbalists Guild

Contact Susan Leopold susan@unitedplantsavers.org

Our team overseeing the grant market analysis:
Erika G Galentin, MNIMH Medical Herbalist,
Alison Ormsby, PhD faculty UNC Ashville,
Susan Leopold PhD, Director United Plant Savers.

United Plant Savers at the IUCN World Conservation Congress
Caption: Danna Leaman (co-chair, IUCN Medicinal Plant Specialist Group); Susan Leopold; Alison Ormsby; Anastasiya Timoshyna (TRAFFIC)
Susan Leopold and Alison Ormsby from United Plant Savers/Sacred Seeds attended the 2016 International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Conservation Congress in September in Honolulu, Hawaii. The World Conservation Congress is only held every four years. This year’s gathering brought 9,000 people from around the world together to discuss conservation successes and challenges, and set goals for the future. The IUCN is a well-known global conservation organization, based in Switzerland, that sets international conservation policy and produces the Red List publication that assesses that status of species.


Dear Friends and Members of United Plant Savers, The time has come to collect new articles for our annual Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation, to be published in Spring 2018. We invite all of our members and supporters to tell their stories and share their knowledge and experiences in this upcoming issue. If you have participated in research or have stories or news of interest about “At-Risk” or native medicinal plants, please share with our membership.

The theme for the Spring 2018 Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservationis consciousness in herbalism.

WHAT IS HAPPENING IN YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY TO SPREAD CONSCIOUSNESS FOR PLANT CONSERVATION? This year we have seen goldenseal listed on the IUCN redlist, the Young Living case with the illegal logging of rosewood, how do we bring consciousnes into herbalism. How do we heal our selves and the planet?  How can herbalism inspire stewardship instead of resource extraction of our precious at-risk medicinal plants? We welcome your submission and we do have a selective process so not all submission will be published but we will try and share them through emails and social media when possible.

Submission Deadline: January 10, 2018

Submission Guidelines

  • All documents must be in WORD format.
  • Please
  •

Save the Date: Planting the Future, Medicinal Plant Conservation in the Driftless Region

Save the Date!

In 2013, United Plant Savers had an amazing event at the beautiful 8,569 acre Kickapoo Valley Reserve located between the villages of La Farge and Ontario in southwestern Wisconsin. Join us again in 2017, we will be back at Kickapoo with an amazing day of sharing plant knowledge and strengthening the herbal ties of the Driftless region. We have an amazing line-up of teachers and will be announcing class titles and schedule in the coming months.

Mark your summer calendar and tell your friends!August 12, 2017


Gift Memberships Available!

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Symposium Proceedings Download

Seeking Nominations

Do you have someone or an organization in mind that you would like to nominate for the Medicinal Plant Conservation Award? If so send an email and tell us why. Nominations should be emailed to office@unitedplantsavers.org


United Plant Savers Medicinal Plant Conservation Certificate Program

Fall 2018: Tuesday, Sept. 4 - Friday, Oct. 12.

Spring 2019: April 29 - June 7.

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