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Event: Community Herbalist Certification Course

Session 1: June 23-July 1
Session 2: July 2-11 OR September 17-21

This 3-week training and intensive for Community Herbalist Certification is held on beautiful Martha's Vineyard island. Join award-winning herbalist, author and teacher Holly Bellebuono for botany, pharmacology, physiology, plant ID and harvesting, herbal remedy processing, written coursework, and a small group dynamic through The Heritage & Healing Herbal School. Intensive can be taken in one 3-week setting or split into a spring session and a fall session. More info at www.vineyardherbs.com.

Event: Salve- Making Workshop

Date: June 17

Learn the fun and rewarding art of making herbal oils and salves and explore the edible and medicinal plants of Martha's Vineyard. Register with Polly Hill Arboretum.

Event: Soulful Apothecary™

June 19-20 (2-day retreat)
July 14-18 (1-week Immersion)
August 12 (1-day Workshop)
August 17-18 (2-day retreat)

Soulful Apothecary™ is a way to learn the "old ways" of herbal healing, crafting pleasurable healing methods including herbal honeys, elixirs, tonics, teas, infusions, and other tasty and lovely treats that soothe the soul and mend the body. With humor and a down-to-earth appreciation of plants, herbalist Holly Bellebuono's classes embrace both the science and the spirit of herbal healing. In this relaxing and uplifting gathering, we'll focus primarily on learning how to craft nourishing herbal foods as medicine and discover a variety of delicious ways to prepare herbs for health. Special emphasis on supporting the nervous system. Lots of sampling, tasting, and indulging! Register at www.vineyardherbs.com.

Event: Tea Blending Class

Date: July 24
A hands-on (and tasty) class to learn the enjoyable art of tea blending. Includes tastings of Vineyard Herbs signature teas and complete instruction in selecting and blending herbs for both pleasurable and medicinal teas. Register with Polly Hill Arboretum.

Event: Intro to Herbal Medicine 1-Week Immersion

Dates: July 28-Aug 1
Designed for beginners, gardeners, family members, and healing arts professionals, this fun and educational week includes herbal medicine for the digestion, women's health and hormones, cardiovascular health, healing for the skin, herbal first aid, and herbs for the respiratory system. Day's classes can be taken individually if desired. Register at www.vineyardherbs.com.

Event: Women's Herbal 1-Week Immersion

Dates: August 7-10
Come together with women of all ages to explore women's natural health through herbs. In a supportive, fun and relaxed atmosphere, we'll delve into the pharmacology, anatomy and spirituality of pregnancy and childbirth, menstruation and PMS, menopause and the Crone Years, and Bliss, Moksha and Sacred Women's Herbs. Day's classes can be taken individually if desired; week's immersion includes beautiful beaches, woodland walks, and enjoyable evening programs. Register at www.vineyardherbs.com

Event: Girl Empowered Camp 2014

Dates: August 25-29
Open to girls ages 11-15, this unique day camp boosts self-awareness and empowers girls to thrive. Built on our highly popular day-retreat, this program offers girls the fantastic opportunity to learn and play in a fun and supportive all-girl atmosphere. Activities include spas and facials, brewing herbal teas and healthy sodas, yoga and movement, herb walks and beach hikes, aromatherapy, vision boards, stories and ceremony, and Red Tent girls-only tips for women's health—learning about menstruation from other girls and women so they're prepared, knowledgeable and confident. Includes one sleepover night! Transportation from the ferry to camp is available for girls arriving on the ferry; please inquire. Register at www.vineyardherbs.com.

Community Herbalist Programs 2013-2014 This path is good for folks who would like to take care of them selves, families and friends with herbs in their bioregion. It focuses on philosophy of vitalism in herbalism, application of bioregional medicinals in the garden and field, and making potent herbal remedies. Fall Program: Runs Sept 2013- May 2014 After the first weekend of classes in September it continues to meet weekly on Thursdays from 5-9PM. In the spring there will be additional weekend classes for in depth study of botany and plant walks.Slower paced for local participants. Schedule through March is up here Early Registration Ends Aug 15 Spring: Runs Jan-May 2014. The first weekend of classes is Jan 17. Classes meet bimonthly Fri late afternoon, Sat 10-5 and Sun 10-5. This is a more intensive study that is good for folks coming in from out of town or locally for those that would prefer a weekend schedule. Complete schedule will be posted by Sept 1 Early Registration Ends Dec 15


Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism (VCIH) is a non-profit organization offering free and sliding-scale herbal consultations through our well-established community clinics, while providing herbalist training programs that draw on the clinic as a rich educational resource. VCIH is located in the small, historic capital city of Montpelier, nestled in the Green Mountains, and is dedicated to providing our community with healthcare resources grounded in Nature. Directed by Betzy Bancroft RH(AHG), Larken Bunce MS and Guido Masé RH(AHG), VCIH offers a comprehensive 3-year Clinical Herbalist program that offers over 1200 hours of training, preparing students for work as professional herbalists. The curriculum weaves field experience with the plants and didactic classroom instruction. Emphasis is placed equally on understanding both energetic and physiologic impacts on health and illness, as well as on developing practitioner skills. Students spend a total of 18 months in the community clinic, 12 of which involve direct work with clients under supervision. Students also develop teaching skills by participating in our ongoing Community Education program. The first year of the program is also offered as a stand-alone course—the Family Herbalist program. Our curriculum and educational philosophies draw from our mission as an organization. We hope to further the


Our Common Roots, feature educational documentary, presents a deep look into medicinal plants and herbs in our environment. It carries the audience into the habitats of the plants and shares the enduring traditions they hold throughout the world. Our goal in creating the film was to record with a cinematic feel, the qualities and properties of these plants so their healing purpose can be used for years to come. Further though, we feel the herbalist’s role is not only in healing, but insuring the protection of the environment where so many of these medicines are still collected. Encouraging people to collect and study the plants will build an alliance for protecting the forests in which they originate; for without the wild, we can forever risk losing a great source of our healing allies. “This is one of the few films I have seen that truly gives a sense of the magic of the human gathering of wild plant medicines. It captures the essence of the human relationship with plants, of our need of them, of their grace, and of their healing. I recommend it very highly.”- Stephen Harrod Buhner, author of The Secret Teachings of Plants and Ensouling


An Online Adventure in the wonder of the body with Tammi Sweet This course is designed to take you through all the major systems of the body. The reason for the particular order is to start on the “outside” (skin, lining of the respiratory and digestive systems are actually considered outside) and work our way inside (into the blood or lymph), like your food, your medicine or foreign pathogens. Once inside, we’ll look at how your body defends itself through the Immune and Lymphatic Systems. We’ll look at how the Muscle system and Skeletal system work together to allow for movement of the body. The next two weeks will look at the three ways your body communicates within itself, electrically through the Nervous system, chemically through the Endocrine system and mechanically through the Connective tissue. We will round out the course with two weeks of learning how the men and women’s reproductive systems work, and how are body rids itself of wastes through the Urinary system. For all the information you would need, visit my website: www.tammisweet.com. The cost for the course is $297.00.


Hopewood Holistic Health 14411 Rocky Point Rd. Athens, OH 45701 becaherbtravel@gmail.com 740-590-3954 see pdf flyers below for details!
Attached files Holistic Journey.pdf (193.3 KB) MFEJourney.pdf (190.5 KB) Yucatan Belize.pdf (1.8 MB)


AUSTIN SCHOOL OF HERBAL STUDIES The schedule for the NEWLY FORMATED Herbal Program, Becoming an Herbalist, is now available online. Some of the exciting highlights include: * Hands on weekly experiences w/the garden or natural area * Connect with the plants, one on one. * Receive a personal Herbal Consultation & follow up w/each full registration. * Get a taste of how to facilitate an intake and how to provide consultations to others * Build a network of like-minded participants in a healthy, mutually beneficial way * Choose from several schedule options. visit: http://www.ezherbs.net/EZ-Herbs-becoming-an-herbalist-sp-2013-program.html Many Green Blessings, Ellen Zimmerman


Dandelion Herbal Center and Jane Bothwell present…… 2012 Upcoming Classes

Festival of Herbs-Visiting Teacher Series. October 2011-April 2012. Meets the 1st weekend of the month for intermediate to advanced herb students and health care practitioners. Learn from renowned herbalists: Rosemary Gladstar, Autumn Summers, Kathi Keville, Karyn Sanders, Kevin Spelman, Howie Brounstein, Christa Sinadinos.. *Individual Weekends available. Call 707-442-8157 to check specific availability*
10 Month Herbal Study Course with Jane Bothwell. Meets one weekend per month February 2012-November 2012. Expand your knowledge with herb and seaweed harvesting, formulations for common imbalances, material medica, and more ways to prepare your medicines. Included is Rosemary Gladstar’s home study course. Tuition: $1885
Beginning with Herbs January 25 – March 21, 2012 8 Wednesday Evenings 7:00-9:30 pm Plus 2 Herb Walks This class is an excellent introduction to the world of healing plants for the beginning and intermediate herb student. It includes demonstration and use of medicinal preparations (tinctures, salves, pills, syrups, etc), field identification, herbal first aid, formula making and more, with lots of “hands-on” activities. This class is a prerequisite to the 10-Month Herbal Studies Program. Tuition: $350.00 (includes samples) Location: Moonrise Herbs, 826 G Street, Arcata (On the Plaza)
Herbal Clinic ClassJan 23 - April 23, 2012


Southern Appalachian Wisdom with Phyllis Light, February 1 - 3, 2013 Friday, Feb 1, 9am –5 pm Signs of the Times: Astrology for Health Saturday & Sunday, Feb 2 & 3 Food Is Medicine Nine Month Foundations Course The curriculum is dynamic, contemplative and provides a sense of community as we move through the seasons learning each step of the process. First weekend in 2013 is March 16-17 and we meet once a month until November. For complete dates and more details please visit our site. sacred plant traditions • po box 1313 • charlottesville • VA • 22902 www.sacredplanttraditions.com


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