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Planting the Future: Medicinal Plant Conservation in the Driftless Region

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Join us again this year where we will be back at Kickapoo with an amazing day of sharing plant knowledge and strengthening the herbal ties of the Driftless region. Enjoy this full day of informative talks & herb walks with Sam Thayer, Matthew Wood, Jess Krueger, Jim McDonald, Linda Conroy, Erin LaFaive, Jane Stevens, Lora Krall, Kathleen Wildwood, Wayne Weiseman and others. Hosted by United Plant Savers at the beautiful 8,569-acre Kickapoo Valley Reserve located between the villages of La Farge and Ontario in southwestern Wisconsin.

August 12, 2017 | Kickapoo Valley Reserve, WI





Keynote: Cultivating and Caretaking the Ecosystems We Call Home

Sam Thayer

Beyond, sustainable harvest, we look at the long-term future of our landscape, and the special role that plant gatherers have in maintaining its ecology and prosperity. We'll talk about the threats and historical changes to our ecosystems, and discuss strategies to work and grow past them. We can do more than just "reduce our impact"—we can be a positive force to create and maintain vibrant and diverse communities of native plants that are at once productive for us and a paradise for wildlife. Nurturing the land that nurtures us. The Driftless Area will be used as an example for ecological and management concepts that apply everywhere. We'll explore some traditional, mutually beneficial relationships between Native peoples and the plants that support them, and discuss practical techniques for implementing this kind of harmony on our own sacred gathering grounds.

Foraging Where Prairie Meets Forest

Sam Thayer

The rich soils and rugged landscape of the Driftless Area have an incredible diversity of edible weeds, prairie plants, woodland wildflowers, fruits, and nuts. On a brief walk, we'll find and discuss a few dozen of them, discussing their identification and habitat, how they can be used for food, sustainable harvesting and management, and their natural history. This walk will be offered twice and limited to 25 people each walk. Please sign up upon arrival.

Shaping New Perspectives on Weedy Plant Species: Canadian Goldenrod and Wild Black Cherry

Erin LaFaive

Celebrate the wild black cherry (Prunus serotina) and Canadian goldenrod's (Solidago Canadensis) ability to successfully thrive in so-called "waste places" by learning research findings and historic uses. Many times, these plants are considered a nuisance in planned landscapes and agriculture settings. Shifting perspectives on how to use these plants may very well lead to value added products or a source for easily accessible plant therapies.

Grow Your Own Medicinals

Jane Hawley Stevens

This class will cover several medicinal plants, native to eastern U.S. and beyond. Information includes herbal uses and cultural requirements. We will cover seed starting, cuttings, division and various techniques used in successful herb cultivation.

Gardening by the Moon

Jane Hawley Stevens

Learn the basics of this ancient agricultural practice of when to most effectively plant, weed and harvest. Are you open to receiving information how the planets could affect all aspects of life including when to make sauerkraut or clean the garden shed? This class can assist the open minded to "go with the flow!"

Harvesting and Preserving Medicinal Herbs

Jess Krueger

Explore efficient and ethical harvesting practices. Learn the benefits of and how to utilize locally produced menstruums, such as honey, apple cider vinegar and animal fats, to preserve medicines. There will be samples and a demonstration.

Two Local Favorites: Anise Hyssop & Bee Balm

Jess Krueger

Locally abundant and easy to grow these two plants work hard in my home apothecary. We'll cover identification, plant usage and energetics and taste some samples.

Aromatic Allies... Whole Plant Aromatherapy

Jim McDonald

Join Michigan herbalist Jim McDonald for a hike through wood, field & thicket and explore the world of the unique and ubiquitous plant medicines we share this land with. We'll discuss the identification, ethical harvest, medicinal & energetic uses of our green relations through a blend of story, experience and lore, spending more time with fewer plants to more fully explore their virtues and potential.

Plants of the Kickapoo Herb Walk

Jim McDonald

Join Michigan herbalist jim mcdonald for a hike through wood, field & thicket and explore the world of the unique and ubiquitous plant medicines we share this land with. We'll discuss the identification, ethical harvest, medicinal & energetic uses of our green relations through a blend of story, experience and lore, spending more time with fewer plants to more fully explore their virtues and potential. This walk will be limited to 25 people each walk. Please sign up upon arrival.

Garden Herbs and Weeds for a Healthy Metabolism

Kathleen Wildwood

Discover herbs and simple practices that can strengthen your metabolism, reduce insulin resistance, and diminish triggers for unhealthy foods. Kathleen will discuss herbal remedies and other tools that can help stabilize your neurotransmitters to reduce cravings, crashes and mood swings. Find out about the surprising connection between serotonin levels and carbohydrate cravings, and what you can do about it. You will also learn about herbal tonics that can stabilize blood sugar, support your pancreas and endocrine system, and provide sweetness without sugar or artificial chemicals. Interestingly, most of these plants grow wild around us, and can be sustainably wildcrafted or grown in our own gardens. Come join us at this body-positive workshop full of green wisdom!

Local and Sustainable Herbs for First Aid

Kathleen Wildwood

Using local and abundant herbs, Kathleen will discuss the medicinal and energetic uses of the three herbal remedies she always packs when traveling, and demonstrate how to use them. These simple herbal preparations are useful for a surprisingly large number of health conditions, eliminating the need for more exotic, endangered and expensive herbal remedies. She will also present information about other common local herbs you may want to ethically wildcraft, grow or purchase for your own medicine kit, to suit the particular needs of yourself and your family. Attendees will also learn about simple herbs and foods available at mainstream grocery stores that can work in a pinch. Samples of the herbs discussed will be provided to smell and taste.

Choosing Herbal Remedies for Sustainability: Shifting Paradigms

Linda Conroy

Natural health is the fastest growing industry in the world. The pressure on the plants, the environment and the body is unprecedented. This presentation will offer simple and practical considerations for choosing Herbal remedies and healing modalities that are effective and at the same time sustainable for the earth as well as the body ecology. This presentation is geared toward all levels of herbal practice from beginner to experienced practitioner.

Probiotics and Beyond: Herbs and Fermentation for Digestive Health

Linda Conroy

Improving and maintaining the digestive system is imperative to overall health. In this presentation a 5 point approach to digestive health will be presented along with creative ways to incorporate herbs and fermented food into daily life. The program will conclude with delicious samples!

Good Grief: Honoring Plants to Save Them

Lora Krall

Conservation and preservation principles have tried to educate and engage people about the need to save our endangered plants, animals and environment. It's time for a new strategy – honoring. In this lecture we will define terms, explore success and how honoring herbal support can shift the movement of environmentalism in a new direction.

Native Plants of the Midwest: Identification & Uses

Mathew Wood

Matthew Wood leads the way with his knowledge, wisdom and natural understanding of herbal remedies. During this workshop Matthew shares deep insights about native plants of the midwest.  He has a desire to impart his knowledge and methods to the next generation of herbal practitioners. This class will do just that.

Body Types & Constitutions

Matthew Wood and Tara Baklund

Matthew and Tara will talk and discuss with the audience about body types and constitutions. They will combine this with the energetics of the plants and how herbs & flower essences can be applied.

Sandalwood, Osha & Ginseng: Three Critical Conservation Projects of United Plant Savers

Susan Leopold

Susan Leopold will be telling her first-hand stories from the frontlines of the conservation work of United Plant Savers – from sandalwood in Hawaii, osha in Colorado, to ginseng of Appalachia. This talk will inform participants about several medicinal plants that need our engagement and how we, as consumers of herbal medicine, need to understand where our ingredients come from and what factors make a plant at-risk.

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