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TRAFFIC Bulletin Article

17-05-2016 Latest News

Read Forest-Grown Ginseng Verification Programme Addresses Illegal Trade, by our own Susan Leopold and Alison Ormsby, University of North Carolina Asheville, featured in this month's TRAFFIC Bulletin. The TRAFFIC Bulletin is a publication of TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, which is the leading non-governmental organization...

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2016 Spring Seeds for Members: Ramps & Prair…

11-03-2016 Latest News

Don’t Miss Out On Our Annual Seed Opportunity For Members One of the many perks of maintaining your membership with United Plant Savers is being able to participate in our annual SEED and ROOT programs. For this 2016 Spring Seeds for Members, we have chosen Prairie...

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Sanctity of Sanctuary Streaming Event for Member…

23-02-2016 Latest News

In honor of our March Membership Month, and as a special thank you to our members, we wanted to share the movie Sanctity of Sanctuary featuring Paul Strauss Equinox farm. The true story and documentary highlights how the United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary came into...

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Leaf People adopts Hawaiian Sandalwood

02-12-2015 Latest News

Native Hawaiian Sandalwood is extremely vulnerable to overharvesting and risk of extinction due to the fact that it takes more that 40 years to mature, and harvesting involves taking the entire tree. Furthermore the sandalwood tree is a hemi-parasite species meaning that it needs to...

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UpS Helps Kick Off Forest Grown Program

01-12-2015 Latest News

Forest Botanicals: Working Together to Build a New Supply Chain was a “first of its kind” event that United Plant Savers held in November with support from Mountain Rose Herbs, Penn State, PCO and Virginia Tech. How much longer can the ecosystem support the constant wild...

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UpS Helps Send Kids to Summer Sassafras Camp

24-08-2015 Latest News

Sassafras Camp adjacent to the Goldenseal Botanical Sanctuary is an outdoor nature and arts camp focused on environmental and ecological education, theater, yoga, art, music, games, and play. 2015 highlights were studying macroinvertebrates and water quality, medicinal plant study and salve making, arrowhead class, Native...

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Forest Botanicals: Working Together to Build a N…

29-07-2015 Latest News

PRINT OUT EVENT FLYER United Plant Savers is excited to co-sponsor this event specific for those who are actively engaged in stewardship of forest botanicals. UpS supports the efforts of forest grown botanicals as a critical component of conservation of at-risk native medicinal plants many of...

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Nurturing Your Botanical Sanctuary Workshop

16-07-2015 Latest News

October 1-2, 2015Goldenseal Botanical Sanctuary in Rutland, Ohio, USA Through the generous support of New Chapter we are thrilled to be offering this two-day workshop to those who are current Botanical Sanctuary Network members and Sacred Seed Garden members. This is an opportunity for members of these two networks...

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International raises record donations for United…

13-07-2015 Latest News

This year the international Herb Symposium raised nearly 18,000 dollars for United Plant Savers. It was a plant healers gathering like no other with passionate teachers from around the world sharing among a network of caring participants ready to then disperse and germinate seeds of...

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Silver Bough Farm Botanical Sanctuary

Applegate, OR
Sanctury Steward: Barbara Hughey

We moved to SW Oregon two and half years ago. When we first saw what would be our new home we marveled at the different kinds of environments that were here. Forested hillsides, gave way to bright sunny open fields, and from south to north there is a lovely creek, overhung with big trees. Alders, oaks and ash form the canopy. The creek is very beautiful. The sound of the water, and the wonderful plants, animals, birds and insects that are sustained by it creates a peaceful sanctuary. We were enchanted. However, we realized right away that this place needed some attention. A “hands off” attitude towards nature had led this magic spot to be overrun by an invasive plant tangle of Himalayan Blackberry.

I should mention that we were able to get started with this work with the help of our local Watershed Council. There are about eighty of them in Oregon. The WC’s do on the ground restoration projects all over the state to foster biodiversity and habitat enhancement. Through this wonderful organization, we were able to secure a grant to employ some expert help to get us on our way with a rather daunting task. Removal of the vigorous blackberry starts with a big dose of manpower. The highly experienced crew that came through, with chain saws and drip torches, to knock back the invader species, did a beautiful job. Despite the aggressive nature of this initial effort, the delicate plants in the vicinity of the work were carefully considered, and they came through with flying colors and a new lease on life. We were also then able to introduce some important species that were lacking, such as Ponderosa Pine, vine maple, and incense cedar.

After two and a half years, with a commitment to our job as responsible stewards and a diligent maintenance regime, we have really begun to see the fruits of our labor. The Mint, Mimulus, Spikenard, Equisetum, Elderberry, Trilliums, Dicentra, Sasparilla, and Hawthorn, among many others, all have more room, light, and water, to help them really thrive, and reproduce.

To maintain this progress we still need to work hard, but we are managing to keep up with it. We have already been able to host a couple of group visits to our newly restored riparian zone. As a newly formed Botanical Sanctuary we intend to do more of these, so as to help encourage others to take on these projects. It is our goal to honor and to protect the native diversity of this remarkable place.

As a life long plant person and gardener, I have always felt that if we participate with the right attitude, and a lot of learning, that we can be successful partners with our environment. I realized that the idea of our living separate from nature was a completely false construct. The healing nature of plants makes this abundantly clear, which gives intrinsic value to conservation. United Plant Savers reinforced this direction in my life’s path. Now is a critical time for us to sincerely adopt an active role in a restoration of the balance.

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