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Green Thanks and Gratitude 2016

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Thank You For Your Generous Contributions & Support

We extend a special thank you to all members of UpS who continue to support us with memberships and donations. Your support,efforts and concern are the only thing that can really make a difference in the protection and conservation of our important medicinal plants. All donations and help, whether it be organizational,cultivating, educating or choosing medicinal herb products more consciously are appreciated. Great gratitude goes to the many in-kind donations of goods and services from companies and friends that support our work. Thank you to all our supporters and members who continue to rally for the plants.

Founding Donations: $50,000+



Donations: $5000+

Corporate and Foundation Donors and Sponsors: $100 - $4,999

Donation In Honor of Lindsey Bagley
Donation In Honor of Maggie Philipsborn
Donation in Honor of Lucy Kahn
Donation in Honor of Deneen Bernier

Individuals donating: $100 - $4,999

  • Barbara McNally
  • Dawn Daniels
  • Susan Marynowski
  • Becca Piastrelli
  • Steve Ambrose
  • Julie Levy
  • Pamela Montgomery
  • Pamela Barone
  • Celia Duke Larsen in Honor of her parents Jim and Peggy Duke
  • Sandy Colhoun
  • Selina Rossiter
  • Charlie and Shirley Philips
  • Rosita Arvigo
    Matt and Julie King in loving memory of Anne Memorie King
  • Anne D. & H Wood Bacon, TTE in honor of Lindsey Bagley
  • Alyce Tarcher, M.D.
  • Bevin Clare***
  • Donna Wood Eaton
  • Helen*** and Eric Metzman
  • Jane Bilger & Andrew Philipsborn in honor of Maggie Phillipsborn
  • Kathleen Maier*** of Sacred Plant Traditions*
  • Kay Parent
  • Kelly Kindscher****
  • Lara Landrum
  • Leslie Hutchinson
  • Louise Harmon via The Standard Employee Giving Campaign
  • Lynda LeMole***
  • Marc & Susann Allen
  • Bob Beyfuss
  • Michelle Borodinsky
  • Donna Burns
  • Jeff and Melanie Carpenter
  • Anna Flies
  • Sophie Frederickson
  • Jean Freeman
  • Pete Gardiner
  • Rosemary Gladstar
  • Gurusahay Khalsa
  • Kelly Kindscher
  • Matt and Julie King
  • Lynda LeMole
  • Todd Lynch
  • Kathleen Maier
  • Michael McGuffin
  • Helen Metzman
  • Eric Metzman
  • Heidi Meyer-Bothling
  • Kay Parent
  • Tanya Pettit
  • Denise Piazza
  • Ann Romance
  • Dale Smith
  • Deb Soule
  • Joseph Viny
  • Jeanette Walkley
  • Mark Wheeler

Lifetime Members

  • Sandy Colhoun
  • Selina Rossiter
  • Nyssa Davison of San Francisco, CA
  • Pamela Montgomery of Sweetwater Sanctuary
  • Kay Parent
  • Marc and Susann Allen
  • Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
  • Herb Society of America
  • Community Pharmacy
  • The Thalia and George Liberatos Foundation
  • Steve Ambrose
  • Ann Armbrecht
  • Don Babineau and Kate Gilday of Woodland Essence
  • Deborah Baggett
  • Betzy Bancroft****
  • Beth Baugh
  • Tim Blakley***
  • Jane Bothwell**** of Dandelion Herbal Center
  • Peggy Brevoort****
  • Peggy Brightwood of Mill Valley, CA
  • Saumya Campen
  • Debbie Mancuso & Carol Gunby
  • Chip Carroll
  • Celia Castevens
  • Lisa Castle
  • Richo**** & Mayche Cech of Horizon Herbs
  • Tom Challenger
  • Jim Chamberlain, PhD
  • Sharon K. Christie of Aromafloria
  • Annie Christopher***
  • Bevin Clare***
  • Elizabeth Coe
  • Mark Cohen****
  • Marilyn J. Comb
  • Michael Cuddy
  • Lavinia Currier
  • Deirdre Davis of Harbin Hot Springs
  • Ryan Drum, PhD****
  • James Duke, PhD****
  • Peggy Dyson-Cobb
  • Thomas Elpel
  • Diane Faircloth
  • Janis Fallon
  • Trish Flaster****
  • Teresa Foley
  • Steven Foster****
  • Terrence Fox of Buck Mountain Botanicals
  • Michael Funk
  • Nick and Erika Galentin, MNIMH
  • Rosemary Gladstar***
  • Amy Graham
  • Mindy Green
  • James Green****
  • Howard & Gayle Gross
  • Tania Hannan
  • Tammi & Chris Hartung of Desert Canyon Farm
  • Patience & Rodney Harvey
  • Kathryn Higgins of Motherlove Herbal Company
  • Christopher Hobbs****
  • David Hoffmann****
  • Hank Huggins
  • Loren Israelson****
  • Sara Katz*** of Herb Pharm
  • Diane Keeney of Herb Society of Nashville
  • Kelly Kindscher**** of KS Biological Survey, University of Kansas
  • Nance Klehm
  • Roxanne Klein
  • Phillip Knowlton
  • Joel Kreisberg of Teleosis Institute
  • Nick Kulibaba**** of Witchcraft Farm
  • Rhonda Kurtis
  • Lynda LeMole***
  • Susan Leopold, PhD***
  • Richard Liebmann
  • John Lisnik, Jr. & Katie Lisnik
  • Kathleen Maier*** of Sacred Plant Traditions
  • Rachel Bagby & Martin Davidson
  • Patricia Martin of Saylorsburg, PA
  • Rebecca Maxfield of California School of Herbal Studies
  • Linda McBurney
  • Michael McGuffin***
  • Helen Lowe Metzman***
  • Heidi Meyer-Bothling
  • Frances Monacelli
  • Pam Montgomery****
  • Paul Neidhart
  • Malone Patrick
  • Polly Peterson
  • Peter A. Precario
  • Ms. Mary Racek
  • Horst Rechelbacher
  • Jennifer Salkin
  • Matthias & Andrea Reisen of Healing Spirits
  • Thomas Riley
    Nancy Scarzello***
  • Jeanne Shenandoah
    Mark Simpson
  • Ed Smith of Herb Pharm
  • Deb Soule of Avena Botanicals
  • Paul Stamets and Dusty Yao
  • Lauren Stenger
  • Cate Stoner of Turning Wheel Farm
  • Paul Strauss**** of Equinox Farm
  • Kathy Larson & Tim Blakely***<
  • Joe Viny***
  • Martha Volchok
  • Anne Walker
  • Mark Wheeler**** of Pacific Botanicals
  • Dennis Wiancko
  • David Winston****
  • Rebecca Wood**** of Hopewood Holistic Health
  • Lee Wood****
  • Katherine Yvinskas****

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