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2015 Spring Seeds for Members: Ramps & Cohos…

02-03-2015 Latest News weatherly

2015 Spring Seeds for Members: Ramps & Cohosh

Don’t Miss Out On Our Annual Seed Opportunity For Members One of the many perks of maintaining your membership with United Plant Savers is being able to participate in our annual SEED and ROOT programs. For this 2015 Spring Seeds for Members, we have chosen Cohosh...

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Planting the Future: Stewardship of Sanctuary, O…

05-11-2014 Latest News

Planting the Future: Stewardship of Sanctuary, October 4, 2014 at the Goldenseal Botanical Sanctuary in Rutland, Ohio.

OCTOBER 4, 2014 RUTLAND, OH The weather was literally 20 degrees warmer with full sun the day before our big event at the Goldenseal Botanical Sanctuary in Rutland, Ohio. We were still in set up mode the evening before as the grumpy cumulus clouds...

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United Plant Savers and Sacred Seeds join forces…

29-10-2014 Latest News

United Plant Savers and Sacred Seeds join forces to expand mission of medicinal plant conservation

OCTOBER 2014, FRONT ROYAL, VA Susan Leopold, Executive Director, United Plant Savers United Plant Savers is thrilled to announce our merger with Sacred Seeds. Sacred Seeds is a global network of sanctuaries preserving biodiversity and plant knowledge through living gardens, containing locally important plants focused...

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American Herbal Pharmacopoeia (AHP) in Collabora…

28-10-2014 Latest News

American Herbal Pharmacopoeia (AHP) in Collaboration with United Plant Savers (UpS) Embarks on  Osha Monograph and Therapeutic Compendium

American Herbal Pharmacopoeia® August 15, 2014 The American Herbal Pharmacopoeia (AHP), in collaboration with United Plant Savers (UpS) as well as noted research botanist Kelly Kindscher of the University of Kansas and other acknowledged experts, is in the process of developing an AHP Monograph and...

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Ginseng Reality TV: Cultivating Conservation or …

20-10-2014 Latest News

Ginseng Reality TV: Cultivating Conservation or Encouraging Extinction?

By Glynis Board of West Virginia Broadcasting For original publication and audio segment click here. OCT 9, 2014 A new reality TV show that features ginseng hunting premiered this week. Smoky Mountain Gold pits four teams against each other to see who can collect the most wild-ginseng...

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A new chapter in the story of Hawaii's sandalwoo…

01-08-2014 Latest News

A new chapter in the story of Hawaii's sandalwood trees has begun, Hana Hou Magazine JULY 2014

JULY 2014 During the Spring of 2014, our Executive Director, Susan Leopold travels to Hawaii to investigate the ongoing sustainability issues regarding the harvest of native Hawaiian Sandalwood and the various mapping, replanting, and conservation projects taking place on the Big Island. During her...

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Planting the Seeds of Mindfulness: United Plant …

31-07-2014 Latest News

Planting the Seeds of Mindfulness: United Plant Savers 2014 Community Grants cycle closes having supported a spectacular season of projects.

JULY 31, 2014 (RUTLAND, OH) Planting the Seeds of Mindfulness: United Plant Savers 2014 Community Grants cycle closes having supported a spectacular season of projects. This was a popular year for United Plant Savers Community Grants program. This program, only available to our...

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Stakeholders Meet for Ginseng Summit, Discuss In…

17-07-2014 Latest News

Stakeholders Meet for Ginseng Summit, Discuss Industry To-Dos, To-Don’ts, Ta-Das

JULY 16, 2014, RUTLAND, OH United Plant Savers was honored to host the 2014 American Ginseng Summit last month at our Goldenseal Botanical Sanctuary in Rutland, OH. Read below for an overview of what was spoken about in regards to safe-guarding wild populations of...

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United Plant Savers welcomes two new members to …

15-07-2014 Latest News

United Plant Savers welcomes two new members to our Board of Directors

July 15, 2014 RUTLAND, OH United Plant Savers is very pleased to welcome two new members to our Board of Directors, Todd Lynch of Ecotropy LLC and Melanie Carpenter of Zack Woods Herb Farm. Todd Lynch is the principal of Ecotropy LLC, a...

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Apply for Membership in the BSN Network

BSN MemberApply to join the BSN network of over 90 Botanical Sanctuaries across the country.

The mission of United Plant Savers is to preserve, conserve and restore native medicinal plants and their habitats of the USA and Canada, while ensuring their abundant, renewable supply for future generations. To this end, United Plant Savers established one of our most important projects: the Botanical Sanctuary Network. As we became more deeply involved in the complexities of medicinal plant conservation, we realized that one must first preserve and protect the habitat in which our native plant communities thrive. What better way than to create a network of sanctuaries dedicated to restoring and preserving habitat for wildlife, both plants and animals.

Below is a link to download the application as a pdf.file. You can then use it as a template to base your application on.

Please take the time to read all the criteria listed below before submitting an application.

UpS is in the process of establishing a network of medicinal botanical sanctuaries throughout the country. Our goal is to help establish Botanical Sanctuaries that not only serve as rich depositories for 'at risk' North American medicinal plants, but also serve as educational centers for plant conservation and organic cultivation. These Botanical Sanctuaries will also serve as important seed and germplasm repositories. Your land, once acknowledged as a UpS Botanical Sanctuary, can use the UpS emblem to identify themselves as such. UpS Botanical Sanctuaries are eligible for special UpS planting grants. UpS Botanical Sanctuaries will be listed on our website and social media channels, where you will also have the opportunity to promote classes and workshops taking place on your Sanctuary. You will also have the opportunity to publish your Sanctuary story in our annual Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation and/or our website. To apply for UpS Botanical Sanctuary status, individuals and/or groups need meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be current members (at any level of membership) of UpS and continue to maintain current membership to remain in the BSN network.
  • A one-time fee of $100 must accompany the application to the BSN.
  • The land needs to be either privately owned by the parties applying for the UpS Botanical Sanctuary status, or in a previously established land trust. Under special circumstances public land may also qualify.
  • The land needs to be either already richly endowed with native species or be in the process of being planted with them. Some of the plants listed on the UpS 'at risk' and/or 'to watch' lists should be represented when appropriate to the Sanctuary's ecosystem.

A major aspect of UpS Botanical Sanctuaries is the educational or land consultation aspect. What is your primary educational purpose for applying for UpS Botanical Sanctuary status? How do you propose to achieve this?

Land considered a UpS Botanical Sanctuary should to be open to the public for a period of time for educational purposes (either one day a week, or one day a month, available to students, or other scheduled events). What is your prospective time for being open to the public? And how do you propose doing this? i.e, self guided herb walks, classes, events, workshops, planting projects, etc.? Does your program include working with children?

Sanctuaries are places where research on native plants medicinal plant conservation and cultivation is undertaken. In what ways can you be part of this research?

The United Plant Savers Botanical Network is dedicated to helping members create botanical sanctuaries on the land they live on. These Sanctuaries will serve as repositories of at risk native medicinal plants as well as educational and research centers helping to raise public awareness of 'At-Risk' native medicinal plants. They are also established purely as places of beauty and refuge.

Benefits of becoming a member of the Botanical Sanctuary Network include:

  • A beautiful sign (metal w/yellow and green lettering) with the UpS logo on it to place at the entrance to your Sanctuary signifying this as a UpS Botanical Sanctuary
  • Priority Consideration for UpS Community Grants. Our Community Grants award $200-$500 dollars for community projects involving at risk plant restoration and preservation. Sanctuary members are given first priority.
  • Four Weatherproof Signs that designate the property as a Sanctuary being used for plant research and educational purposes.
  • Botanical Sanctuary Resource Guide which includes where to order botanical signs for medicine trails, sources of grants and funding raising, useful books and information sources, etc.
  • Listing on the UpS Website and social media channels.
  • Opportunities to promote classes and workshops at your Sanctuary on our website and social media channels.
  • Opportunities to publish your Sanctuary story on our website and in our annual Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation.



Botanical Sanctuary Application

To apply for membership in the Botanical Sanctuary Network you must be a current member of UpS. Your land must be either privately owned, in a land trust or public land that meets certain criteria (public land applicants should contact UpS).

There is a $100 application fee, which is a one time only fee. You may mail your check to United Plant Savers, Botanical Sanctuary Network, PO Box 776, Athens, OH, 45701. You may also pay online below (please scroll down).

All applications must be emailed to Erika Galentin, Outreach Coordinator: office@unitedplantsavers.org

Please note that we will not process your payment until the application has been received and accepted. If for some reason you are not accepted into the Network, your voided check will be returned to you.

Please answer the questions below in some detail. The more information we have about your proposed Sanctuary the better. Please feel free to attach photos. Call our office if you have further questions about the Botanical Sanctuary Network Program or need assistance downloading the application.

  1. Please provide details of your land, size, location, time on land, existing medicinal plant species, current conservation projects. What makes your land special?
  2. What educational programs are offered and on what basis (classes, walks, workshops, plantings)? How often are programs held?
  3. Please provide additional details describing why you want to be part of the UpS Botanical Sanctuary Network. (Use additional pages as needed)


Member Name:
Sanctuary Name:




June 12-14
International Herb Symposium
Discount for UpS Members
Norton, MA

August 28-30
New England Women’s Herbal Conference
Discount for UpS Members
Newfound Lake, NH

May 1-3
Gaia Gathering for Women
Charlottesville, VA

PO Box 776, Athens, OH 45701
Tel. (740) 742-3455
Email: office@UnitedPlantSavers.org



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