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    Published on 03-14-2013 04:03 PM


    Grassroots activism is the heart of United Plant Savers’ impact on communities of plants and people. Take Action! is full of great examples of projects that can benefit the plants and their habitat: Creating a Medicine Trail, Plant Rescues, Growing a Medicinal Herb Garden and Plant Monitoring Projects plus stories about many interesting projects funded by UpS Community Grants. The articles include wise and practical advice as well as inspiration.

    The Education Guide is intended to provide both curriculum information on the “At Risk” plants and sustainable use of medicinal herbs generally as well as valuable advice on event planning from a garden club talk to a Planting the Future-type conference. In short, the Education Guide is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in giving a presentation on native medicinal plants. Many pages and sections of the Guide can be copied for use as handouts.
    • Paragraphs on each of the “at risk” plants including the reasons each is considered at risk, botanical and medicinal information.
    • Handout-formatted “at risk” and “to watch” lists.
    • Sustainable use of herbal medicine / wildcrafting guidelines.
    • Section on giving a presentation on native medicinal plant conservation.
    • Information on Partners in Education, the Botanical Sanctuary Network and other projects
    • Section of resources like books, journals, websites and other organizations.
    Download and read this informative educational guide.

    The Resource Guide is a comprehensive collection of articles and listings of supportive publications, organizations and agencies to assist stewards of healing plants. The first part of the Guide features sections on What Sanctuary Means, including examples of different Sanctuaries and sample BSN applications. The next section is devoted to UpS’s Goldenseal Sanctuary in Ohio – the building of our Talking Forest Medicine Trail, our caretaking observations, and more. There are practical suggestions for getting started understanding your own property, creating a medicine trail and finding or making labels for the plants and trees. The next two sections include articles on sustainable stewardship and the many benefits Sanctuary can provide, not just to humans but all of life.

    In the Resources section readers will find information on land trusts, helpful conservation organizations and grants and programs from government agencies. There are many books, websites and journals listed on everything from plant propagation to permaculture. UpS members will find the listing of native plant and wildflower societies by state particularly useful. There is also a comprehensive list of all UpS’s resources including our Grant Guidelines, Slide Show and other publications.

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