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Nashville, IN
Sanctuary Steward: Susan Clearwater, RN

Green Turtle Botanical Sanctuary joined the UpS network in 1999, and consists of 5-acres amidst the rolling hills and woodlands of southern Indiana. Woodland gardens are home to goldenseal, bloodroot, blue and black cohosh, American and Chinese yam, trillium, wild ginger, and cranesbill. Sun-loving herbs are cultivated in the field gardens and include Echinacea, pleurisy root, blue vervain, feverfew, wood betony, elecampane, lavender, hyssop, wormwood, astragalus, isatis, motherwort, holy basil, horehound, senna, passion flower, scullcap, and many others.
Susan produces a healing salve comprised of 20 herbs in a base of olive oil, and also tinctures many herbs individually and in formulas for different health challenges. She markets these with the “Green Turtle Botanicals” label to local health food stores and uses them in her private holistic nursing practice.

Susan has been teaching medicinal herbalism for over 25 years. The newly constructed Sanctuary Room is now the gathering place for several educational opportunities. One-day medicinal herb classes, an apprenticeship program, and internship (for one person or a couple) are offered at the sanctuary from April through September. The focus of the classes are on cultivation (all students are encouraged to develop their own gardens at home and are given seeds and seedlings for planting), sustainable harvesting, creating numerous herbal preparations (teas, salve, tinctures, pills, cough syrups, liniments and poultices), and learning how to holistically use herbs for daily care and health problems. Herbal traditions from early Europe, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, and Native American medicine are studied.

Caretaking a botanical sanctuary is a rich and fulfilling experience. Honoring and working with the medicine plants brings us close to our source, Mother Earth, and to people wishing to share in the beauty and grace of the plant kingdom.

For more information please visit us online at:GreenTurtleBotanicals.com

Submitted December 2013

New Paltz, NY Sanctuary Stewards: Halyna Shepko & Richard Hamilton Shawangunk (pronounced Shongum in Algonquin), a mountain range 90 miles north of New York City, translates to "near and high place where you go south",


Middleburgh, NY Sanctuary Stewards: Dan and Betty Pillsbury Five years ago we happened upon three gentle acres nestled between the hills of the Helderbergs and northern Catskill Mountains of New York state and were immediately smitten. This small parcel of level land is surrounded by heavily forested hills and hollows in the tiny hamlet of Huntersland, in the town of Middleburgh. An inexplicable draw pulled us here and after 20 years of moving due to jobs, we felt like we were home. A deep sense of peace and contentment settles on this property and visitors constantly comment on that. It’s amusing and satisfying to watch urbanites visit and inhale deeply the clean air and essence of the land. Here is where we have established The Green Spiral, our gardens and herbal products company. It has been a dream we were able to make come true. A small brook borders the south side of the property and provides a sweet music. A great blue heron, cedar waxwings and warblers flit along the bushes brookside. Along the bank grows soapwort, St. John’s wort, milkweed, vetch, bittersweet nightshade and wild raspberries. The adjoining meadow provides Joe Pye, boneset, blue vervain, red clover, yarrow, hawkweed,


Decorah, IA Sanctuary Stewards: Liz Rog & Daniel Rotto Fern Hollow lies on an 18-acre woodland in the Driftless Region of NE Iowa. It is a magical place, rich in all seasons with native plant and animal life. We have lived here for 31 years. For 15 years our family of four lived in the rustic and beautiful log cabin that was built by my great-great-great grandparents, which is now a B&B enjoyed by people from around the nation. We have found that there is an abundance of people who are glad to stay in the woods in a cabin with cold running water, a composting toilet, and limited electricity made by solar panels. Throughout our 31 years we have nurtured relationships not only with the land and the plants, but with the neighborhood and wider community through the regular hosting of events and tours which bring people onto this land. Some examples include: We host plant walks and foraging events. (Let me know if you’d like to lead one next year!)
  • I am the coordinator for a local intergenerational education organization, and for 20 years have hosted annual events that bring children and adults into these woods. These include May
  •

Vashon Island, WA Sanctuary Steward: Michael Laurie Dragonfly Medicinals is located on 3.5 acres on Vashon Island in Washington State, a short ferry ride away from Seattle. I have lived on Vashon Island for 6 years and in Washington State for 29 years. 20 months ago, I purchased the home/office and 3.5 acres where I am currently growing medicinal herbs. While I have been making and selling medicinal herb tinctures and oils for over 6 years, I have spent the last 20 months planting herbs and working on other sustainability projects here. I now have small numbers of over 140 species of medicinal herbs growing here. Plants I have established on the site that are on the UpS at risk or to watch lists are: American ginseng, arnica, black cohosh, bloodroot, echinacea, gentian, goldenseal, lobelia, maidenhair fern, Oregon grape, wild yam, and yerba mansa. I hope to establish more at risk and to watch plants in the future. Now that I have many well- established medicinal herbs on the site I have started saving seeds and plan to grow medicinal herb starts for sale next spring at the Vashon Farmer’s Market. The educational guide I developed has one page


Cedarville, MI Sanctuary Steward: Wendy Wagoner Creekside Herbs & Art is a family owned/run business, which is located off the beaten path, set back amongst ancient white pines and a meandering creek, in the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Creekside is situated on 25 acres of white pines, balsam, spruce and cedar. The herb farm, 36’ dome (glass blowing studio), and garden shop are based on spiritual thinking from many sources, largely based on my Native American heritage. At Creekside, our goal is to promote a sense of connection and integration throughout our community. We believe that our well-being is closely tied to that of our surroundings. Our intent is to live and do business in a way that demonstrates our priorities in a tangible way. The nature trails, sculpture garden, traditional herbal garden, medicine wheel garden and children’s area help visitors relax, play and experience new levels of connection. Some of the native plants along the trails are nodding trilliums, blue flag iris, red baneberry, marsh marigolds, many diff e rent ferns, columbines, bunchberries, joe-pye-weed, club moss, pink jewelweed, goldthread, Canada anemone and starflowers. In the sculpture garden we are restoring native habitat and have planted; blue vervain, wild bergamot,


Trent, TX Sanctuary Stewards: Cyndi Hughs and Mike Morrison Our place is called Cedar Ridge and it is 14 acres. We have about 4-5 acres in a vegetable garden, 90 foot medicine wheel with plantings and various other gardens. In these areas we struggle with the heat, poor soil and lack of water. The remaining area is not cultivated or planted by us-Nature has her way here! We have many native bushes, plants and trees such as: Mormon tea, ajerita, Texas scullcap, juniper, mesquite, immortale, milkwort, yucca, cactus, etc. We are stewarding an area that has been very badly impacted by oil production in the heyday of the White Flat field-a big, very productive and lucrative oil field in it's day. (Story here: we didn't own this land until 1999 but my great, great grandmother raised her family 1/4 mile from here and refused to allow oil production. She said you can always depend on the land but oil is here today and gone tomorrow and she wouldn't stake her family's future on it nor destroy the land to get it out of the ground). Anyway, there are big pipes just appearing out of the ground and going no where and


Miles City, MT Sanctuary Stewards: Terrence Fox & Family Our family owns, or has under contract and operates about 20,000 acres of plains, hills and mountainous semi-arid land in southeast Montana between the Yellowstone and Powder Rivers. We call this land Buck Mountain Ranch. This beautiful country ranges from an elevation of 2,500 to 3,400 feet. The upper elevations, above 2,800 feet, support large stands of yellow pine and juniper. This high plains paradise was used as range land. Now the pristine wilderness is managed for the benefit of the abundant flora and fauna found thereon. According to the geologic record, Buck Mountain has been in place for about 55 million years. It will be here in ever-changing form for many million more years. It is “privately owned”, but to discuss ownership is silly since, at best, our family is a short-term caretaker of this wonderful scape of life. Since the initial land purchase in early 1994, we have labored to return the land to its native flora and fauna. In the process we have spread native seeds each year and planted thousands of trees and shrubs. We have repaired and expanded dozens of ponds, dams, and dikes to retain water


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