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Bee Fields Farm, Wilton, NH

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Bee Fields Farm, Wilton, NH
Sanctuary Stewards: Loir and Elad Sadeh and Family

Bee Fields Farm is a home for plants and animals in Southern NH. The farm sits on the north western slope of Abbot Hill and consists of 13 acres of woods, wetland, and gardens. “The Hill” is home to two other biodynamic farms, High Mowing School Farm and the Temple Wilton Community farm. We feel lucky to be in a community that shares our values and supports our work.

Our family, Elad, Lior and our three children live in a beautiful 1760 cape that sits in the midst of the garden. We are blessed to share our lives with bees, three goats, 90 chickens and the occasional visits from deer, wild turkeys, a bear, an owl who loves the black birch and many other wild animals.

During the past three years since we arrived, we have been busy observing and cleaning the land, making beds, seeding, transplanting and bringing back plants such as the black and blue Cohosh, Solomon seal and lady's slippers that once were the dwellers of the woods and meadow of New Hampshire.

Our vision is to create a place where plants, animals and human beings can live in an interdependent relationship. The farm is diverse; we care for the animals, grow 100 medicinal plants, as well as enough vegetables to feed 25 families. We strongly believe that a farm that is based on diversity benefits the earth. Since the health and vitality of the plants is deeply connected to the soil in which they grow, we put a lot of attention to enhance our earth's fertility and vitality.

The interdependency between the different parts of our farm is expressed in the way our goats and chickens provide compost for the vegetable and healing herb garden. In the healing herb garden, we grow plants like valerian, yarrow and chamomile that we use for the biodynamic preparations. We use the straw from the oats that we grow for our remedies to mulch the beds, and feed the chickens with food scraps. By keeping bees, we ensure pollination; by planting plants that bees love, we make sure that they thrive.

The garden is embraced by the 25 families that are CSA members. They create a community that comes together to work in the garden, but also to celebrate its abundance in summer and its rhythms during the winter.

We work full-heartedly with the intention to create wholesome food and medicine. Most of the work in our farm is done gently, by hand, with the aim of minimizing the heavy impact of machinery on the land. Moreover, because we believe that our hands are an extension of our hearts, we seed, transplant, weed, harvest and craft our remedies by hand.

While I am sitting and writing, the garden is covered with a heavy blanket of snow. I remember the garden in the summer when it was filled with the radiants colors of flowers and butterflies, the aromas of herbs and the sweet singing of birds. These memories by themselves are healing. The garden has a magical healing properties. Being in the garden, joining its rhythms, sitting by the plants teaches us every day.

We would like to share the garden's teachings with others. We invite people for self-guided tours and a monthly free garden tour. We offer workshop on herbalism and on using vegetables in season to create wholesome food. The garden is open to people to come and explore their relationship to food, medicine, nature and each other.

To contact Bee Fields Farm: lior@beefieldsfarm.com


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