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The Teacher Card.
I met Joanna Powell Colbert at the The Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference two years ago at Ghost Ranch. As I sat down to have a reading with her beautifully illustrated Gaian Tarot, she shared with me how her inspiration for the teacher card came from the UpS poster “If you listen they will teach you” donated by artist Kevin Morgan. I loved how Joanna’s teacher card portrays someone posed in meditation sitting in front of a western cedar surrounded by five medicinal herbs: dandelion, stinging nettles, garlic, yarrow and comfrey. This seemed so fitting to the mission of UpS because if we use these common herbs that are such potent and abundant medicine, we take the pressure off of the native herbs of the forest that are on our “At-Risk” list. These vulnerable plants are not as abundant, reproduce slowly, and depend on a fragile pristine habitat that is under stress due to development, fragmentation, invasive species, over harvesting, and poaching. As a teenager I read Tom Brown’s book The Tracker. Grandfather was Tom Brown’s teacher who taught the way of the coyote, these lessons further inspired the teacher card. How do we as teachers share the wisdom and mission of UpS with others? Joanna points out that “Grandfather was always inspiring the learning process by asking questions, telling stories, teasing and perhaps some trickery to make his lesson well understood. In lessons gained from the teacher card Joanna adds, “Coyote teaching also happens when you plan to learn one thing (the medicinal use of herbs, for example) and end up learning something else altogether (perhaps the limits of your own courage and stamina)”. To see the rest of the deck and perhaps buy your own go to www.gaiantarot.com.

The Conway School of Landscape Design was hired for a master plan project for the Goldenseal Sanctuary in Ohio. The Conway School is a unique masters program that has a strong focus on native plants and ecological design, www.csld.org. Two dedicated students, Christina Gibson and Evelyn Lane, spent a week at the sanctuary this past spring. They worked on several maps, one being a base map of the entrance area encompassing the yurt. The main goal of the project was to design a clearer welcome entrance, educational facilities, propagation areas and invasive plant management of open fields. Now completed, the project plans are online, and will hopefully serve as an inspiration for sanctuaries across the country. Download the 2012 Conway Report (PDF 3.2 mb)


Spring 2012 Internship Program UpdateSpring 2012 Internship Program Update The spring 2012 program started off with 4 interns arriving in early May and work began in earnest to bring the Sanctuary out of its winter hibernation in preparation for the busy season. Interns worked diligently with staff to prepare for our Mother's Day "Love Your Mother" event at the Sanctuary. Despite the day long downpour about 50 people showed up on Mother's Day to hike and attend classes in the rain. Besides the many hours of weeding and reclaiming the landscape, the first group of spring interns also worked hard to help improve and maintain the Sanctuary's trail system by cleaning up and clearing all of the winter's downed and storm damaged trees that seem to always fall right across the trails; botanizing all along the way. Along with the day-to-day work that is required to try to maintain a 360-acre piece of property, the buildings, landscape, herb beds, gardens and trails, interns participated in a wide variety of classes presented by local teachers and entrepreneurs in the community. Classes ranged from the basics of medicine making & percolations to Tom Brown styled woods awareness exercises and the business of herbs. Several Hazelnuts and


On the Frack Lines of Southeast Ohio Sasha Michelle White Athens County, Ohio, just north of United Plant Savers Goldenseal Sanctuary, sits atop the western most edge of the Utica Shale layer. For over the past year the hottest topic of debate in Athens County has been, yes, you guessed it, fracking. “Fracking”, shorthand for high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing, is being touted by the energy industry and their government mouthpieces as the panacea for our country’s energy, economic and security blues. As most of us know, panaceas usually fall short of their promise. And while the fracking boom is certainly putting money into some pockets, this “cure-all” carries a list of side effects about as long as our most notorious pharmaceuticals. Each well fracked requires the following: 3 to 5 acres of land flattened and compressed and layered with gravel; 4 million gallons of fresh water, either diverted from a local waterway or trucked in; compressor stations with constant noise and off-gassing; pipelines crisscrossing the countryside; clouds of silica dust; seismic thumping; 24-hour drilling with noise and lights and traffic; and a slew of leftover “brine” waste that includes an undisclosed and often untested chemical cocktail of heavy metals, carcinogens, immune


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